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SD-PE1: Passive Power, Classic Character

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Slate Digital is thrilled to introduce SD-PE1, our brand-new passive EQ plugin.

A welcome addition to the Virtual Mix Rack ecosystem, SD-PE1 is based on one of the most coveted and beloved passive EQ units ever made. SD-PE1 delivers all the signature tone and color that made the original hardware unit so beloved, with some extra features sprinkled to make it even more useful.

At a Glance:

  • Passive EQ plugin
  • Digitally modeled off legendary outboard unit 
  • Additional frequencies for deeper processing 
  • Stepped and incremental frequency selection 
  • Toggle traditional tube-stage saturation on/off 
  • Perfect for drums, bass, vocals, and mix bus 

The original passive EQ that inspired SD-PE1 first appeared in the late 1950s. Immediately beloved for their notably warm quality, the earliest units were all made by hand by the company’s founders. This strict attention to detail resulted in superior build quality that has led to many of these original units still working more than 60 years later. 

Built-In Vintage Warmth

Top-third view of SD-PE1 passive EQ plugin GUI showcasing the Tube Stage on/off switch.

On passive EQ units, the processed signal is output at a significantly lower volume than the input signal, requiring an additional clean boost step to hear the results of the processing. To remedy this issue, the original hardware also featured a built-in tube makeup gain stage that boosted the outgoing signal back to the desired level while adding an extra dose of saturation to it.

SD-PE1 captures all the iconic richness and tone of the original unit—with a twist. The plugin features the same tube stage, but as a switch that can be toggled on and off. This feature allows you to keep your crafted EQ curve without any additional coloration from the tube stage.

Unique EQ Curves

The original unit gained fame for its distinctive low-end boost and attenuation capabilities, especially in the sub and low-mid frequencies. Its renowned “kick trick” simultaneously boosts and attenuates the same frequency, creating a unique resonance that enhances clarity and depth without compromising warmth or punch.

This feature has established the EQ as a must-have in mastering studios, where it enhances recordings with weight and presence while preserving a natural, transparent sound. Ultimately, the SD-PE1’s EQ curves deliver a timeless and unmatched sonic character, cementing its status as the best passive equalizer plugin for achieving professional-grade audio results.

Further Frequency Selection

Middle-third angled view of the SD-PE1 passive EQ plugin GUI showcasing frequency selection knobs.

SD-PE1 also adds several additional frequencies that the original unit didn’t allow for. The high shelf control can now reach 3kHz on the low end and 30kHz on the high end. The high bell can now boost 1kHz and 2Khz, and the low shelf can affect 40Hz and 70Hz. These extra frequencies further enhance the sonic flexibility of the plugin without sacrificing the experience of using the original module. 

To take things a step further, where the original hardware’s frequency selection was stepped, SD-PE1 allows for both stepped and incremental frequency selection. This means you can use the plugin both exactly as the original hardware was intended and as your own unique custom passive EQ.  

Making the Plugin

In the video below, hear from our DSP team about how they built SD-PE1 and translated all the essential nuances of the original unit into this new plugin.


SD-PE1 is available NOW in Virtual Mix Rack for All Access Pass and Complete Access subscribers. It is also available for purchase at $149 as a perpetual license. Learn more and try it today here.

Meet MetaPitch!

By Announcements, Blog

We are excited to share MetaPitch, a new vocal pitch-shifting plugin that’s versatile, efficient and easy to use. Tailored for monophonic sound sources such as voices or individual instruments, MetaPitch delivers essential controls for Pitch and Formant adjustments within an intuitive interface. 

Additional features like Widener, Drive, and Filter controls are seamlessly integrated with the Mix knob for nuanced audio shaping, and the specialized “Robotic” mode adds a Vocoder-type touch to the source signal. There’s also a Low Latency mode that ensures accurate, real-time response during live tracking and monitoring, and a convenient grouping feature that allows you to affect multiple instances of the plugin at once. 

MetaPitch lets you adjust the pitch of your source signal independently from the formant curve, opening up a wide array of avenues for sonic exploration. When affecting the harmonic series being sung or played while constraining the shape of the series to a fixed formant curve, the results sound more natural to our ears. Intentionally adjusting these things in a way our brains don’t anticipate can be a great source of special effects. 

MetaPitch is available now for All Access Pass and Complete Access subscribers. To learn more about the plugin and subscribe today, click here.

Slate Digital & Solid State Logic Announce ‘Complete Access’

By Announcements, Blog

Chessington, UK, Nov 20th, 2023 – Two of the biggest pro audio plug-in brands, Slate Digital and Solid State Logic, have joined forces with a limited-time offer with access to BOTH their subscriptions for the price of one – just $14.99 per month plus local tax.* Available on their new joint subscription platform, customers will be able to keep this ever-growing dual ‘complete access’ package worth over $12k, indefinitely with a continuously renewed subscription.

The new ‘complete access’ offering combines two premium subscription packages:

With over 60 of the most prestigious processing and creative instrument plug-ins, including the latest VIRTU assisted mastering platform, Slate Digital’s All Access Pass has led the way in pro audio subscription offerings. It also brings incredible content with thousands of royalty free audio samples and exclusive boutique packs with presets, and access to hundreds of professional tutorials from leading producers and educators.

The SSL Complete subscription brings 30+ legendary Solid State Logic modelled consoles, compressors, equalisers, reverbs and delays, as used on decades of the world’s biggest selling music recordings. And with the acquisition of Harrison Audio, it includes a range of updated plug-ins direct from the music hitmakers in Nashville, USA.

Slate Digital also announce today the release of the FREE Heatwave plug-in, plus the Strongroom™ London Expansion pack for their ML-1 modeling microphone. Heatwave is a free-to-all, simple-to-use transient-preserving saturator plug-in available from their website. Heatwave adds varying levels of saturation while preserving or accenting the original transients, effortlessly adding punch to drums, grit to keys, and a sharp edge to guitars.

The Strongroom™ London ML-1 Mic Expansion pack is available with an introductory offer price of just $99 and comes with five new exclusive mic models from the eclectic Strongroom™ microphone locker; the SD-414 EB, SD-414 BU, SD-4038, SD-47 FET, and SD-12 VR.

Solid State Logic will also announce on November 22nd the release of another much anticipated new plug-in to add to their subscription plan and ‘complete access’ package, as well as perpetually.

John Bastianelli, CEO of Slate Digital, comments “We have been running this amazing dual offer with our current loyal subscriber family and they are loving it, so we are really excited to make the ‘complete access’ package available to everyone. Slate Digital has always talked big when it comes to Black Friday offers, but now with our partners at Solid State Logic and the release of Heatwave and the Strongroom™ London ML-1 mic expansion pack, I think we just raised the bar with deals available to new and current customers.”

Nigel Beaumont, Managing Director of Solid State Logic, adds, “Being part of the same pro audio family, then bringing these astonishing processing and creative tools from the All Access Pass to our SSL subscribers for no additional cost was a no-brainer. With strong plug-in releases coming from both brands in the coming weeks and months, ‘complete access’ subscribers will get even more value from this amazing deal.”

The ‘Complete Access’ offer is only available to new subscribers from November 20th until November 28th, midnight PST. For more information, please head to

* Price shown is for the Annual Paid Monthly subscription

About Solid State Logic

Solid State Logic is the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for music, broadcast, live and audio production professionals.

Press contact:

Martin Bennett – Audiotonix


Important Information Regarding Gobbler Media

By Announcements, Blog

Move from Gobbler now and receive the SSL Complete subscription FREE!

As you may be aware, Gobbler have confirmed via their website they have closed their marketplace platform and terminating support for all Slate Digital subscriptions from November 1st 2023. Although we have been contacting Gobbler subscribers directly, we are aware that many have not been contactable or are concerned the messages they have received might not be accurate.

Slate Digital are working hard in the background to help our customers move their subscription to our own platform to ensure continued access to your subscription, and ongoing new plug-ins and offers. We have created a dedicated webpage that provides all the details on how to move your Gobbler account and receive FREE access to the SSL Complete subscription as a thank you here.

NOTE: All current ‘All Access Pass’ direct subscribers with Slate Digital will receive this upgrade offer in the coming weeks once we have helped our Gobbler customers.

Not sure if you are a Gobbler subscriber?
Simply check your credit or bank statement to see if the issuer of the subscription is ‘Media Gobbler Inc’ – if it is then you need to move your account before you lose access to your Slate Digital plug-ins.

Migrate Now

Meet Infinity Bass

By Announcements, Blog

We’re so excited to reveal Infinity Bass, our brand-new bass enhancer and subharmonic generator. Designed to punch up your low-end and fill in any gaps, Infinity Bass is a super versatile plugin that delivers booming, powerful results.

Infinity Bass features an intuitive and inspiring user interface made up of four (4) different processing Modes and four control knobs that shape your sound to perfection. There’s also a Listen button you can engage to isolate the processed part of your signal, so you can hear exactly how the plugin is affecting your sound.

How Does It Work?


The Controls

Infinity Bass is operated by four (4) control knobs: Amount, Frequency, Character, and Output.

The Amount control adjusts the strength of the overall effect. It can be controlled either by adjusting the corresponding knob or by interacting with the moon in the middle of the GUI.

The Frequency control targets the set frequency range that will be used to generate sub-harmonics and influence overall tone processing. 

The Character control offers different sound flavors by modifying certain characteristics of the signal depending on the selected Mode. (More details on that below.)

The Output control influences how much output gain is added to the processed signal

Infinity Bass also features a Listen button, which isolates the processed portion of your signal so you can hear the effect the plugin is having on the source.

The Modes

Now that we’ve covered the main controls, let’s dive a little deeper into the Modes.

Each Mode brings a different sonic character to your source, whether it’s a single track, a stack, or a full mix:

Punchy is useful on bass lines and kicks that require more punch or presence in a mix. It’s also good for boosting old mixes, at the risk of boosting low-end noise. The Character control blends additional saturation into the enhanced signal so that the bass will stick out in the mix.

Electric Bass

Warm produces an octaver-like effect with lots of harmonics that works best on monophonic material, like bass DIs or synths. The signal within the frequency band is split into two individual bands, each of which generate a sub. The Character control then adds even more saturation to have more presence, while the Frequency control is used to tune the range of the generator to the source material to get the best result.


Deep is a clean sub-bass generator with dynamics control. The signal within the frequency band generates a monophonic sub-bass. The character controls the sub’s decay and dynamics to dial in the shape of the generated signal. It’s perfect for adding missing low-end to kicks and basses, and for full mixes whose low-mids aren’t too crowded.


Phased smears your bass content around, adding resonance and lowering the peak amplitude of the source signal, which may enhance loudness. This mode only affects the signal content below the range set by the frequency control.

Electric Kick

From subtle adjustments to full-blown transformation, Infinity Bass is a do-it-all tool that’s guaranteed to become a new secret weapon in any producer’s toolkit.

Infinity Bass is available now in the All Access Pass or as a standalone perpetual license for $149. To learn more about the plugin, click here.


Slate Digital Releases New Assisted Mastering Service VIRTU

By Announcements, Blog

We are thrilled to unveil VIRTU™, a brand new web-based assisted mastering service available exclusively to All Access Pass members.

Combined with beloved tools like Virtual Tape Machines, Virtual Buss Compressors, Virtual Mix Rack, and the recently released FG-X 2, VIRTU makes the All Access Pass a one-stop mixing and mastering shop for users of all experience levels. 

The main VIRTU mastering studio

VIRTU gives your mixes the clarity, space, and depth they need to compete with your favorite chart-topping hits. With the help of curated Style profiles and easy-to-use Advanced Controls, VIRTU takes the guesswork out of mastering. Just upload your mix, select the style that best fits your track, and pick your loudness target. You also have the option to adjust some more advanced controls, like the frequency balance, compression and stereo width of your master.

VIRTU's expanded Advanced Controls panel

Once you’re happy with your selections, click ‘Master’ to process the entire track. Then, all that’s left to do is download your mastered song from the library, where it will stay for 30 days. These masters can be confidently distributed to streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, are perfect for testing in clubs or other live settings, and make excellent references for professional mastering engineers.

“VIRTU Assisted Mastering is an exciting release for this company,” said Slate Digital CEO John Bastianelli. “Not only is it another excellent addition to our already feature-packed subscription package, but it’s also a step forward into new territory. VIRTU makes the All Access Pass the only tool you need to record, mix and master your music from start to finish. We’re excited to keep evolving the scope of our product offerings, and we can’t wait to see how VIRTU helps our users along their creative journey.”

Based on the Slate Digital processing and expertise you trust for recording and mixing your projects, VIRTU’s step-by-step process makes it easy for anyone to achieve a polished, professional master.


VIRTU is available exclusively as part of the All Access Pass. Not a member? Join or start your free 30-day trial today to experience VIRTU and the rest of our full plugin suite, plus professional mix templates, over 20 GB of boutique samples, and hours upon hours of educational content in Slate Academy.

All Access Pass members get three free mastering credits per month, with additional credits available for purchase at $2.99 each. 30-day trial users will also receive three complimentary mastering credits, as well as the ability to purchase additional credits.

Special Launch Promo

Existing customers who log into VIRTU or new customers who join the All Access Pass and log into VIRTU before August 26th will double their masters. That’s right! Sign in or sign up within the first 30 days of launch, and you’ll start with six total mastering credits in your account at no extra cost.

Meet Transient Shaper!

By Announcements, Blog

We’re thrilled to introduce Transient Shaper, our latest free addition to the Virtual Mix Rack ecosystem. Perfect for tightening drums, boosting bass hits, taming string instrument peaks and gluing sounds together, Transient Shaper is a must-have tool for producers of any genre or experience level.

Though Transient Shaper lives inside the Virtual Mix Rack, you don’t have to be an analog loyalist to make it sing. Transient Shaper is an incredibly flexible sound sculptor that gives you precise control across the entire frequency range of your source. 

How Does It Work?

Transient Shaper does exactly what you expect—and more.

The plugin gives you control over both the transient and sustain of your source sound. Its interface is split into three processing sections: Transient, Sustain, and Output. 

The Transient section features a Gain control to adjust the gain of detected transients. Transient detection is level independent, so you can change the overall level of the track without affecting its behavior. The Warmth knob then adds saturation to the transient. This control is independent from the Gain, so you can add bite to your sound without maxing out your levels. 

The Sustain section features a Gain knob of its own that will either boost or cut the detected tail of your sound. The Transient and Sustain sections are also equipped with Focus sliders that filter the signal and sidechain signal being processed. 

The Output section has its own set of parameters. The Time knob lets you adjust the length of the detected transient or tail of your sound, and the Listen button routes a specific signal path to the output: Transient, Sustain or Out, with all the different processes applied to each portion.

Check out the official trailer below for a quick preview of the plugin, then click here to learn more.

Transient Shaper is available now in Virtual Mix Rack, exclusively in the All Access Pass. To learn more, click here.

Slate Digital Joins Forces With Scott Storch for New ‘Storch Filter’ Plugin

By Announcements, Blog

Slate Digital is thrilled to announce the release of Storch Filter, our new plugin with legendary producer Scott Storch.

Storch Filter is more than your average filter plugin. Featuring five built-in effects, an onboard autofilter, and carefully curated presets crafted by Scott himself, this groundbreaking plugin streamlines your workflow without sacrificing your sound. Whether you’re working on a thumping hip-hop track or a silky R&B ballad, Storch Filter makes it easy to keep your tracks fresh and exciting.

How Does It Work?

Storch Filter’s FX rack lets you apply reverb, chorus, saturation, a stereo spreader, and a phaser to your affected signal. These five effect modules are tied to the plugin’s cutoff and resonance knobs, so the more you adjust your signal, the more pronounced the selected effect(s). There’s also an FX Boost slider that enhances the effect of the selected modules on the signal. And you can manipulate it all with a single automation lane.

When engaged, the plugin’s onboard autofilter adds movement to your sound. You have six different LFO shapes to choose from, and the Rate, Depth and Phase controls give you precise control over the presence and intensity of the engaged effect.

“We’re very excited to team up with Scott Storch to offer Storch Filter,” commented Slate Digital CEO, John Bastianelli. “This epic new plugin makes it easy to bring modern and unique sounds to your mix. This single plugin has it all – an easy-to-use interface, multiple built-in effects, and pro-level presets made by the man himself. It will seriously up anyone’s music game.”

“When Slate Digital approached me about a collaboration, I thought about the kinds of plugins I wished I currently had in my bag of tricks,” said Scott Storch. “Storch Filter functions as multiple plugins in one, letting you instantly capture your ideas and stay in the flow. It simplifies the process of creating unique, signature sounds. I wish I had this thing years ago!”

Storch Filter is available now for All Access Pass subscribers. For more info, click here.

About Scott Storch

Scott Storch is a keyboardist, producer and songwriter whose musical legacy spans nearly three decades. Shortly after breaking onto the scene as keyboard player for the Roots, Storch embarked on a remarkable production career. His iconic melodies, potent beats and use of live instruments in his productions quickly became a cultural phenomenon. With over 100 million units sold, multiple Grammy nominations, and contributions to numerous chart-topping records by Dr. Dre, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Ariana Grande, Drake and many more, Storch is one of the most successful and sought after pop, rap and hip-hop hit makers of all time. 

Slate Digital Plugins are Now macOS Ventura Compatible

By Announcements, Blog

Great news! All Slate Digital plugins are now fully compatible with macOS Ventura.

As of today, the All Access Pass is ready to run on Ventura. That includes all of our plugins like the Virtual Mix Rack, Virtual Tape Machines, Murda Melodies, MO-TT, MetaTune and FG-X 2, as well as the ANA 2 Ultra Bundle and our third-party plugins from Overloud and Kilohearts.

This update is FREE for everyone who uses our products, whether you’re a free trial member, have an annual subscription, or just use our free exciter plugin Fresh Air.

We hope you enjoy all your newly updated plugins—we’re sure you have plenty more amazing music on the way.

Check out this article for all the important details, and make sure all your other hardware and software is Ventura compatible before updating.

Happy Producing!

—Your Friends at Slate Digital

John Bastianelli appointed as Slate Digital CEO

By Announcements

Chessington October 11th, 2022 — Following on from the Slate Digital acquisition announcement on October 3rd, Audiotonix have today confirmed John Bastianelli as the new CEO of Slate Digital.

John brings a wealth of technology and creative expertise to the role, with 30 years’ experience as a professional audio industry executive, music producer, song writer, and musician. A well-respected figure in the music technology industry, John has been at the helm of product management teams for leading audio brands including PreSonus (Fender), M-Audio (Avid Technology) and Tascam. At each of these organizations he has been responsible for delivering new product innovation backed by commercial success.

James Gordon, CEO of Audiotonix, comments “This is a fantastic appointment for the Slate Digital business and their customers, and one that I am personally very excited about. I’ve wanted to work with John for many years, and finally the stars have aligned just at the right time and with the right company! He has that rare background in both technology and music creation which I know will resonate with Slate Digital users and the teams in LA and Grenoble. It’s exciting times at Slate Digital and bringing John into the team is the icing on the cake.”

Regarding his new appointment, John Bastianelli adds “It’s hard to express just how excited I am to be a part of this new chapter having been a longtime fan of Slate Digital products. The team here is incredibly talented and with access to additional resources via Audiotonix and our new sister brands, the potential to deliver exciting new products is limitless. I can’t wait to kickstart this new journey and look forward to inspiring our very passionate Slate Digital users.”

With this new appointment, Slate Digital Co-founders, Steven Slate and Fabrice Gabriel, will both take part-time consultancy roles within Slate Digital.

About Audiotonix

Audiotonix is a global market leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of professional audio mixing consoles and ancillary products. With innovative solutions from premium audio brands Allen & Heath, Calrec, DiGiCo, DiGiGrid, KLANG:technologies, Slate Digital, Solid State Logic, and Sound Devices, our products are used extensively in live sound, broadcast, theatre production, installations, house of worship, film production, music creation, and recording studios globally.

 About Slate Digital

Slate Digital makes audio plug-ins, recording equipment, sample packs, and production tutorial content for music producers and engineers. Based in Los Angeles and Grenoble, Slate Digital was founded in 2010 with the goal of empowering producers at all levels of experience create great-sounding music. Its innovative products, including its analog emulation plug-ins, the Virtual Microphone System, and its All Access Pass plug-in subscription have been recognized throughout the recording industry by organizations including NAMM and Sound on Sound.

Press contact:

Audiotonix: Martin Bennett
Tel: +44 1372 845600