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Meet MetaPitch!

We are excited to share MetaPitch, a new vocal pitch-shifting plugin that’s versatile, efficient and easy to use. Tailored for monophonic sound sources such as voices or individual instruments, MetaPitch delivers essential controls for Pitch and Formant adjustments within an intuitive interface. 

Additional features like Widener, Drive, and Filter controls are seamlessly integrated with the Mix knob for nuanced audio shaping, and the specialized “Robotic” mode adds a Vocoder-type touch to the source signal. There’s also a Low Latency mode that ensures accurate, real-time response during live tracking and monitoring, and a convenient grouping feature that allows you to affect multiple instances of the plugin at once. 

MetaPitch lets you adjust the pitch of your source signal independently from the formant curve, opening up a wide array of avenues for sonic exploration. When affecting the harmonic series being sung or played while constraining the shape of the series to a fixed formant curve, the results sound more natural to our ears. Intentionally adjusting these things in a way our brains don’t anticipate can be a great source of special effects. 

MetaPitch is available now for All Access Pass and Complete Access subscribers. To learn more about the plugin and subscribe today, click here.