Legacy Products


Discontinued 6/8/2021

The VRS8 virtual analog interface is an eight-channel, low-latency recording interface that powers the Virtual Recording Studio, where Slate Digital’s hardware and software combine to create an entirely unique recording experience.

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Discontinued 3/4/2022

The VMS-ONE preamp, designed by world-renowned sound designer Paul Wolff, uses state-of-the-art amplifiers to ensure a near-perfect linear response. It also provides the ultimate reference signal for the ML-1 microphone and its bundled preamp modeling software.

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Discontinued 11/25/2022

FG-X is a mastering processor that combines a transparent compressor, loudness enhancer, and a comprehensive metering panel. It has since been replaced by FG-X 2, available now in the All Access Pass.

All Access Pass members will continue to have access to FG-X to allow for session recall on older projects.

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Discontinued 6/12/2019

The ML-1 Vintage Edition packs all the recording prowess of the ML-1 microphone in a tastefully-designed package, giving your gear the look and feel of a vintage tube microphone to match all its classic mic emulations.

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