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Important Information Regarding Gobbler Media

Move from Gobbler now and receive the SSL Complete subscription FREE!

As you may be aware, Gobbler have confirmed via their website they have closed their marketplace platform and terminating support for all Slate Digital subscriptions from November 1st 2023. Although we have been contacting Gobbler subscribers directly, we are aware that many have not been contactable or are concerned the messages they have received might not be accurate.

Slate Digital are working hard in the background to help our customers move their subscription to our own platform to ensure continued access to your subscription, and ongoing new plug-ins and offers. We have created a dedicated webpage that provides all the details on how to move your Gobbler account and receive FREE access to the SSL Complete subscription as a thank you here.

NOTE: All current ‘All Access Pass’ direct subscribers with Slate Digital will receive this upgrade offer in the coming weeks once we have helped our Gobbler customers.

Not sure if you are a Gobbler subscriber?
Simply check your credit or bank statement to see if the issuer of the subscription is ‘Media Gobbler Inc’ – if it is then you need to move your account before you lose access to your Slate Digital plug-ins.

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