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Meet Infinity Bass

We’re so excited to reveal Infinity Bass, our brand-new bass enhancer and subharmonic generator. Designed to punch up your low-end and fill in any gaps, Infinity Bass is a super versatile plugin that delivers booming, powerful results.

Infinity Bass features an intuitive and inspiring user interface made up of four (4) different processing Modes and four control knobs that shape your sound to perfection. There’s also a Listen button you can engage to isolate the processed part of your signal, so you can hear exactly how the plugin is affecting your sound.

How Does It Work?


The Controls

Infinity Bass is operated by four (4) control knobs: Amount, Frequency, Character, and Output.

The Amount control adjusts the strength of the overall effect. It can be controlled either by adjusting the corresponding knob or by interacting with the moon in the middle of the GUI.

The Frequency control targets the set frequency range that will be used to generate sub-harmonics and influence overall tone processing. 

The Character control offers different sound flavors by modifying certain characteristics of the signal depending on the selected Mode. (More details on that below.)

The Output control influences how much output gain is added to the processed signal

Infinity Bass also features a Listen button, which isolates the processed portion of your signal so you can hear the effect the plugin is having on the source.

The Modes

Now that we’ve covered the main controls, let’s dive a little deeper into the Modes.

Each Mode brings a different sonic character to your source, whether it’s a single track, a stack, or a full mix:

Punchy is useful on bass lines and kicks that require more punch or presence in a mix. It’s also good for boosting old mixes, at the risk of boosting low-end noise. The Character control blends additional saturation into the enhanced signal so that the bass will stick out in the mix.

Electric Bass

Warm produces an octaver-like effect with lots of harmonics that works best on monophonic material, like bass DIs or synths. The signal within the frequency band is split into two individual bands, each of which generate a sub. The Character control then adds even more saturation to have more presence, while the Frequency control is used to tune the range of the generator to the source material to get the best result.


Deep is a clean sub-bass generator with dynamics control. The signal within the frequency band generates a monophonic sub-bass. The character controls the sub’s decay and dynamics to dial in the shape of the generated signal. It’s perfect for adding missing low-end to kicks and basses, and for full mixes whose low-mids aren’t too crowded.


Phased smears your bass content around, adding resonance and lowering the peak amplitude of the source signal, which may enhance loudness. This mode only affects the signal content below the range set by the frequency control.

Electric Kick

From subtle adjustments to full-blown transformation, Infinity Bass is a do-it-all tool that’s guaranteed to become a new secret weapon in any producer’s toolkit.

Infinity Bass is available now in the All Access Pass or as a standalone perpetual license for $149. To learn more about the plugin, click here.