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Slate Digital Releases New Assisted Mastering Service VIRTU

We are thrilled to unveil VIRTU™, a brand new web-based assisted mastering service available exclusively to All Access Pass members.

Combined with beloved tools like Virtual Tape Machines, Virtual Buss Compressors, Virtual Mix Rack, and the recently released FG-X 2, VIRTU makes the All Access Pass a one-stop mixing and mastering shop for users of all experience levels. 

The main VIRTU mastering studio

VIRTU gives your mixes the clarity, space, and depth they need to compete with your favorite chart-topping hits. With the help of curated Style profiles and easy-to-use Advanced Controls, VIRTU takes the guesswork out of mastering. Just upload your mix, select the style that best fits your track, and pick your loudness target. You also have the option to adjust some more advanced controls, like the frequency balance, compression and stereo width of your master.

VIRTU's expanded Advanced Controls panel

Once you’re happy with your selections, click ‘Master’ to process the entire track. Then, all that’s left to do is download your mastered song from the library, where it will stay for 30 days. These masters can be confidently distributed to streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, are perfect for testing in clubs or other live settings, and make excellent references for professional mastering engineers.

“VIRTU Assisted Mastering is an exciting release for this company,” said Slate Digital CEO John Bastianelli. “Not only is it another excellent addition to our already feature-packed subscription package, but it’s also a step forward into new territory. VIRTU makes the All Access Pass the only tool you need to record, mix and master your music from start to finish. We’re excited to keep evolving the scope of our product offerings, and we can’t wait to see how VIRTU helps our users along their creative journey.”

Based on the Slate Digital processing and expertise you trust for recording and mixing your projects, VIRTU’s step-by-step process makes it easy for anyone to achieve a polished, professional master.


VIRTU is available exclusively as part of the All Access Pass. Not a member? Join or start your free 30-day trial today to experience VIRTU and the rest of our full plugin suite, plus professional mix templates, over 20 GB of boutique samples, and hours upon hours of educational content in Slate Academy.

All Access Pass members get three free mastering credits per month, with additional credits available for purchase at $2.99 each. 30-day trial users will also receive three complimentary mastering credits, as well as the ability to purchase additional credits.

Special Launch Promo

Existing customers who log into VIRTU or new customers who join the All Access Pass and log into VIRTU before August 26th will double their masters. That’s right! Sign in or sign up within the first 30 days of launch, and you’ll start with six total mastering credits in your account at no extra cost.