The Virtual Microphone System

The “VMS” is a hybrid system that utilizes an extremely transparent condenser microphone and state-of-the-art digital processing suite that recreates the tone of classic microphones and preamps. The Virtual Microphone System collapses the wall standing between audio engineers and expensive world-class audio tools, allowing them access to the virtual microphone locker of their dreams for under a thousand dollars.


Meet The Hardware

ML-1 Microphone

The ML-1 microphone is the centerpiece of the Virtual Microphone System. This large diaphragm mic has a shock-mounted, gold sputtered, 6-micron capsule and a state of the art FET circuit path that ensures the most linear, flat, and clean ‘blank canvas’ response. Combined with the Slate Digital tube microphone modeling software, it can sound like some of the most classic microphones in recording history.


Latest Expansion Pack

Strongroom London

Expansion Pack

The Strongroom London mic pack offers a handpicked collection of classic mics used by everyone from Radiohead to the Spice Girls. This module is designed to be used in conjunction with the ML-1 microphone. There’s no shortage of stories that illustrate the significance of the Strongroom studio space.

*Requires the ML-1 microphone.

SD 414 EB

The SD-414 EB is based on a mic that was the first of its kind in several regards—but perhaps its most distinctive characteristic is the capsule. Its tonal characteristics make it perfect for capturing vocals and acoustic instruments, but its response is generally excellent regardless of source.

SD 414 BU

Touted as “the reference microphone for almost all comparative microphone tests,“ the SD-414 BU delivers the ultra-linear response that made its source mic legendary. It’s great for vocals, pianos, percussive elements, or anything else that generates complex waveforms.

SD 4038

The SD-4038 is a perfect model of an incredibly important piece of recording technology. The original was a wholly singular device that proved indispensable upon arrival, becoming the near-immediate preference of the entire BBC. Its clear but colorful and detailed response make it perfectly suited for capturing a wide array of sources; the Beatles used a pair as drum overheads so famously they’re on display at the Beatles Story museum in Liverpool.


Originally beloved as the most versatile vocal mic in the industry, the SD-47 FET is armed with several features that make it a must-have addition to your locker. An insanely high SPL threshold makes this mic the best choice for tracking brighter sound sources like horns and amped guitars, and its uncluttered low-end also make it suitable for upright bass and bass amp tracking, too.


The SD-12 VR is based on a mic that was designed to improve upon what is considered to be the ‘holy grail of microphones.’ Featuring the same 6072A vacuum tube and dual-diaphragm design as the original, this mic model captures the same reliable response and low-noise output as its source.

Included with ML-1


The FG-47 recreates the sound of one of the most famous vintage tube microphones in the history of audio. It has a thick and full-bodied low end, rich and present mid-range, and smooth top end. This microphone sounds great on thick lead vocals, but also sounds incredible as a kick drum mic, room mic, guitar mic, and on horns and strings.


The FG-M7 takes one of the most famous dynamic vocal mics used in the studio by artists like Michael Jackson and adds the tube stage of the classic 47, making it extremely punchy and crisp, with incredible mids that cut through the mix. Definitely gonna be a favorite!


The FG-800 recreates the sound of one of the most popular modern tube mics, known for being the go-to choice for pop and hip hop vocalists. It’s extremely bright and airy, but with a warm bottom end. Using this mic on vocals will give you an instant polished ‘pop’ sound. However, this mic also sounds great on overheads and acoustic guitar.


The FG-251 recreates the sound of one of the most sought-after vintage tube mics in the industry. It’s one of the most in-demand lead vocal mics on the planet, known for being crisp, warm and flattering on a variety of voices. The FG-251 also sounds great on drums, guitars, acoustics, and just about anything else you put it on!


The FG-800M emulates an older Japanese tube mic, and is slightly fatter and darker than the stock FG-800. If you love the FG-800 but wish it was a tad less sibilant and bright, you’re gonna love this.


The FG-269 emulates an extremely rare German classic that shares much of the same circuit as the 67, but with a different tube that makes it more open and clear. This is one of the best-sounding vocal mics we’ve ever heard.


The FG-12 emulates an Austrian classic known for being incredibly smooth and rich-sounding. We chose an absolutely incredible version of this mic to model – it’s the perfect representation of this famous tone.


The FG-67 emulates a vintage German classic known for being slightly dark, bold and thick. This mic is amazing on vocals, rooms, horns and piano, and it’s one of Steven’s favorite on toms.

Classic 87 Expansion Pack

The most coveted microphone in the world is now available for the ML-1. The 87 has been used on countless records by the world’s top recording artists, and now you can harness all that same power in your own studio. Get three perfect models of the most famous mic ever made and introduce a ton of classic warmth and signature sound to your recordings.

*Requires the ML-1 microphone.

SD-87 MK1

The SD-87 MK I perfectly captures the sound of this legendary studio microphone. As mics age, so do their internal components, and we recreated that sound with pinpoint precision. This model gives you tons of vintage warmth and classic character that brings the vintage 87 to life.

SD-87 AI

The SD-87 AI is a more modern iteration of this classic microphone. First introduced in 1986, this mic offers an almost entirely flat response with a slight boost in the 10k range. This gives producers an unprecedented level of flexibility, giving you crystal clear, transparent vocals every time.


The SD-87 MK II delivers all the sound and clarity that made this mic a legend when it first came out. The first of its kind to feature solid-state FET circuitry, this microphone has been a fixture in studios around the world, graced by the voices of everyone from Marvin Gaye to Carly Rae Jepsen. If you’re looking for the sound of a newly-purchased 87, look no further.

Blackbird Mics Expansion Pack

Nashville’s Blackbird Studios wields a staggering 1,400+ vintage and modern microphones. Last year, Blackbird owner John McBride personally hand-picked the five best vintage tube mics for the Blackbird VMS expansion pack. With the Blackbird VMS Expansion pack, VMS users will gain instant access to the exact tone of five of the very best vintage tube mics in the world!

*Requires the ML-1 microphone.

Blackbird 47

With its fast transient response, the Blackbird 47 gives vocals and instruments a gorgeous, round tone that’s full of presence and detail with zero harshness. Because it offers a balanced response at all sound pressure levels, the 47 is in demand by a wide variety of musicians—from vocalists to drummers & more. See why George Massenburg, inventor of the parametric EQ, called the Blackbird mic “the finest 47 I’ve ever heard.

Blackbird 251

The most unique, beloved mic in the entire VMS collection, this famed microphone, serial number 584, is the one mic Blackbird clients were never allowed to use. Why? Because it was specially reserved for owner John McBride’s wife, legendary country singer Martina McBride. See why singers like John Legend and Demi Lovato consider this one their go-to microphone for thick, silky vocals.

Blackbird 67

This mic lives in a completely different league from other 67s. By delivering a slightly darker, thicker sound, the 67 has been a favorite of artists from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra. Its ultra-smooth top end subtle tube shimmer helped this microphone define the 1960s. A unique character makes it stand apart from every other microphone in the Blackbird Collection.

Blackbird 12

The Blackbird 12 boasts smoother highs and flatter lows than the original classic tube microphone. With stunning, open high end, detailed mids, and dramatic lows, this microphone will be your best friend when you need a vocal to sit perfectly in your mix. If that wasn’t enough? Warren Huart says this emulation is worth the price of the entire collection alone.

Blackbird 49

The original 49 was built specifically for vocalists. The Blackbird 49 kicks it up a notch by adding even more air, depth, and a dark presence in the lows that gives vocals a rich smoothness. Considered by many recording engineers to be the finest mic they’ve ever used, the Blackbird 49 gives vocals and instruments alike a warm, full tonality.

Classic Tubes 3 Expansion Pack

The Classic Tubes 3 Expansion Pack adds five new lush, vintage, and warm tube mics to the Virtual Microphone System mic locker. From German classics to custom hybrid Tube/Ribbon mics, these mics will help give your recordings a classic tone and feel.

*Requires the ML-1 microphone.


A model of one of the most famous old German tube mics, the FG-49 has an incredibly dominant and rich midrange along with a slightly airy and smooth top end. It makes a fantastic vocal mic on the right singer, but really shines as a drum room mic, piano mic, horn mic, or kick drum mic.


The stock 67 in the VMS collection has the low pass filter mod which makes it brighter than a typical 67, so we decided to add a gorgeous sounding stock 67 to Classic Tubes 3. The stock 67 is somewhat dark on the top end with beautiful lush lows. It can be great on vocals, drum rooms, piano, horns, and just about anything that needs a vintage tone!


A recreation of a famous vintage Japanese tube microphone. This mic is one of the most flattering sounding microphones in the entire collection. The midrange is sculpted in a way that makes almost any voice pleasing. It also sounds great on acoustics, drum overheads, and piano.


This is the first VMS model of a classic ribbon mic, but in cardioid form. But since this is classic TUBES 3, we added a custom tube stage to give the mic model some more tube harmonics and subtle saturation. This mic is great on anything that needs ultra smooth vintage vibes!


This is the second model of a famous old German Tube mic. It is similar in nature to the stock 47, but has a slightly smoother upper midrange and top, along with a fatter low mid. This mic will be perfect for vintage vocal sounds, and will sound great on a kick drum or bass cabinet.

Meet The Preamps


The FG-73 preamp module is modeled after one of the most famous discrete solid state preamps in the industry, made in Britain and used on countless recordings. It has a bold, present and warm sound that works great on any audio source – even full mixes.


The FG-76 preamp module is modeled after a vintage German tube preamp that has been used on many classic recordings. It has a thick and colorful tone that can make tracks and mixes sound more ‘alive’. The bottom-end saturates in a very unique and musical way, making it a great module for bass guitar and kick drum tracks.

Latency Free Processing

The Virtual Microphone System software consists of the Classic Tubes microphone module, which contains eight classic tube microphone models, the FG-73 British discrete preamp module, and the FG-76 German tube preamp module. None of these processing blocks add any latency to the audio signal, so if you use a low latency interface with VMS you can track through the VMS software without any audible monitoring delay.

To accomplish this, we recommend a Thunderbolt or fast USB interface, recording at 96khz with the lowest buffer size possible. The combination of the 96khz sampling rate and low buffer size ensures the lowest possible latency.

System Requirements


  • Minimum: macOS 10.15 or later
  • Recommended: macOS 11 or later
  • Intel or Apple Silicon (M1) Processor
  • AU, VST2, VST3, or AAX 64-bit host


  • Windows 10 or 11
  • Intel or AMD Processor, 4GB RAM
  • VST2, VST3, or AAX 64-bit host

iLok Requirements

The All Access Pass can be used with iLok Cloud and does not require an iLok USB dongle. You will just need an active internet connection to use iLok Cloud.

Perpetual "Buy Now" individual plugin licenses require an iLok 2 or iLok 3 USB dongle.