Picture-Perfect Pitch & Formant Processing

MetaPitch is a simple yet powerful pitch shifting powerhouse that lets you easily manipulate the pitch and format of your source sound.  
Loaded with other essential features you may not find in similar plugins (like Grouped Instances, on-board saturation and stereo widening, built-in high and low-pass filters, and even a MIDI-controllable ‘Robot’ Mode), MetaPitch packs all your essential pitch-manipulation tools into a single inspiring interface.

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Male - Chipmunk

Female - Bass Support

Female Syrup

Hihats - Command

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From simple harmony generation and subtle FX textures to full-blown vocal morphing and modern MIDI melody-mapping, MetaPitch will quickly become a fixture in your workflow.

Get to Know MetaPitch
Watch the Walkthrough video


Independent Pitch
& Formant Control 

MetaPitch gives you control over both the pitch and formant of your source sound with individual knobs for each parameter, which can be affected simultaneously by enabling the ‘Link’ button.

Grouped Instances

Just like its cousin MetaTune, MetaPitch features grouped instances that lets you quickly apply the same processing parameters across multiple tracks at once.

MIDI Melodies

MetaPitch’s ‘Robot’ mode applies a Vocoder-style effect to the source signal, allowing you to draw in your own custom melodies via MIDI.

Warmth & Width

The plugin’s built-in filters and included Drive and Widener controls give you a quick, easy way to add color and dimension to your affected sound.

Low Latency Monitoring
High-Quality Mixing

MetaPitch’s Low Latency Mode greatly reduces the delay you might experience with other pitch shifting plugins when recording or monitoring live.

Large & Compact Views

Preset Browser-Explore factory presets and saved presets in this window.
View Toggle-Switch between the default and ‘Compact’ interfaces. Full feature set present in each view.
‘Robot’ Mode Toggle-Enables plugin’s vocoder-style effect.
Link-Links the Pitch and Format knobs so they move in tandem.
Pitch Shifter-Shifts the Pitch of your source sound up or down by up to 12 semitones.
Formant Shifter-Shifts the Formant of your source sound up or down by up to 12 semitones.
Drive-Adds saturation to your sound.
Widener-Adds stereo width to your sound.
High and Low-Pass Filters-Onboard filters give you an extra level of sound-shaping ability.
Mix Knob-Controls how much effect is applied to the source signal.
Output Gain-Determines the plugin’s overall output level.
‘Low Latency’ Mode Toggle-Enables the plugin’s Low Latency mode for accurate response during live recording and monitoring.
Grouped Instances-Effect & Edit Multiple Channels at Once

What Are The Pros Saying?

“As a guitarist, I’m really excited to run my axes through MetaPitch. Between the variations of harmony choices, formants and widening, I can really push the envelope and think outside of the box.”


Emmy winning Guitarist, Producer & Educator
Disco Biscuits, Big Gigantic, DJ Logic & Mastercard

“A versatile tool with a simple, clean, and playful interface. I was re-pitching samples and manipulating pitch and formants to craft unique sounds. Within minutes, I had a thick and lush vocal stack at the forefront of my track.”

Chloe O’Brien

Vocalist, Producer & Remixer
Kimbra, Jess Meilmen, Jacob McCaslin

“Grouped Instances is such a brilliant feature. Being able to modify one instance of MetaPitch and have it affect all the other instances in its group instantly saves me tons of time. Crazy fun.”

Amond Jackson

Grammy Nominated Engineer & Producer
India Arie, Young Thug, Future, 2 Chainz

“Slate Digital does it again! MetaPitch is now my go to for manipulation of any type of sound (especially vocals). If you’re looking for that pitch and formant manipulative sound, MetaPitch is the way to go!”

Ralph Cacciurri

Grammy Winning Mix Engineer
OutKast, Alicia Keys, Coldplay, Big Kritt

“MetaPitch is a powerful and beautifully designed tool for adjusting pitch, formant and then some. It’s even more robust and capable than Little Alter Boy.”

Colby Lapolla

Singer, Songwriter, Vocalist & Producer
Madame Gandhi, Caroline Reilly, Lord Troy

“Pitch shifting effects are back full-force and MetaPitch is smooth sounding, easy to set up and gets a wide range of cool sounds with the Formant knob. The Widener sounds natural and polished and the Low Latency feature is great for auditioning vocals in real-time.”

David Gnozzi & Bella Kelly

Producers, Vocalist & Platinum Engineer
McSolaar, MixbusTV, Ministry, Universal Records

“It usually takes me a couple of steps to do what this plugin does, so I like that it gets me the results im looking for, in half the time.”

Ill Factor

Music Producer & Founder of Beat Academy
Kygo, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani

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MetaPitch Videos

Introducing: MetaPitch (Official Trailer)

Meet MetaPitch, our new vocal pitch shifting plugin that’s versatile, highly efficient and easy to use. Tailored for monophonic sound sources such as voices or individual instruments, MetaPitch provides essential controls for Pitch and Formant adjustments within an intuitive interface.

Maximize your vocal versatility (Misstiq)

From simple harmonic generation to MIDI-controllable Robot FX, MetaPitch is a tool whose versatility needs to be heard to be believed. Watch singer, songwriter, and producer Misstiq show you three ways MetaPitch can be used to ensure your vocals are always the star of the show.

Powerhouse vocals and sound design (Koda Corvette)

With independent pitch and formant shifting capabilities and a host of onboard effects not commonly found on comparable plugins, MetaPitch is a dream come true for producers and sound designers alike. Watch Koda Corvette explore the many functions of MetaPitch for a quick demonstration of just how powerful the plugin is.

Modern, million-dollar vocals with MetaPitch

For your tracks to compete with the pros, they’ve got to sound like they were made by the pros. This hack is a quick and easy way to help give your vocal lines they character and impact they need to make an impression.

Let’s craft some quick, easy, vibey vocal layers

Looking for a surefire way to instantly elevate your latest instrumental? Matt from Slate Digital shows you how MetaPitch turns a lead vocal into a rich, textured vocal layer that will add depth and sonic support to the rest of your track.

Call-and-response from the same vocal sample?

MetaPitch is a pitch-and-formant shifting powerhouse that packs all your essential vocal manipulation tools in a single interface. Join Kevin from Slate Digital as he shows you how MetaPitch can turn a single vocal line into an exciting, multi-dimensional musical element.

Rewriting recorded vocal melodies is easier than you think!

Sometimes, even the most perfect vocal take or sample needs a little extra love to blend seamlessly into your current project. Thankfully, MetaPitch’s ‘Robot’ mode lets you take total control, allowing you to drawn in your own custom MIDI melodies so your vocals always fit your tracks to a pitch-perfect degree.

Total vocal transformation with one plugin (Afsheen)

In this video, Afsheen shows you how he uses MetaPitch to develop an enormous backdrop of vocal textures and chops to support a more gently-effected lead vocal, effortlessly demonstrating MetaPitch’s utility.

Features & Specs


  • Picture-Perfect Pitch & Formant Processing
  • Widen, Drive, & Filter Your Sounds
  • Unique Vocoder-Type Tones
  • Real-Time, Low Latency Response When Recording
  • Effect & Edit Multiple Channels at Once
  • Available Now in the All Access Pass or Complete Access


  • OS Compatibility: Mac, PC
  • Plugin Architecture: 64-bit
  • Format: VST2, VST3, AU, AAX
  • Hardware Requirements, Mac:
    Intel or Apple Silicon Processor
  • Hardware Requirements, PC:
    Intel or AMD Processor, 4GB RAM
  • OS Requirements, Mac:
    macOS 10.15 or later (macOS 11 or later rec.)
  • OS Requirements, PC:
    Windows 10 or 11

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